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[texts]"Hamlet and the Purification Chain" - ADAM FIELED
Notes regarding Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and a new gestalt system of aesthetics ("Changes").
Keywords: adam fieled; shakespeare; hamlet; purification chain; changes; aesthetics
Downloads: 7
[texts]"Hans Freyer: The Quest for Collective Meaning" - Lucian Tudor
"Hans Freyer: The Quest for Collective Meaning" by Lucian Tudor
Keywords: Lucian; Tudor; Hans; Freyer; Quest; Collective; Meaning; Volk; Ethnicity; Culture; Community; Particularity; State; Revolution; Society; Sociology
Downloads: 237
[texts]"Head" and "Had" - John Robinson, ESL Instructor, City College of San Francisco
This is an exercise in vocabulary and pronunciation for ESL learners.
Keywords: ESL; Pronunciation
Downloads: 56
[texts]"Hermano Entrepreneurs!" Constructing a Latino Diaspora across the Digital Divide
by Monica DeHart
Keywords: digital; diaspora; Latino; digital divide
Downloads: 28
[texts]"How Green Is Your Eco-Label?" University of Victoria study - University of Victoria Seafood Ecology Reseach Group
Researchers at the University of Victoria released the Global Aquaculture Performance Index (GAPI), a tool that distills data on the impacts of fish farming into a score of environmental performance. (Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/526822-pew-gapi-report-112811.html)
Keywords: documentcloud; mother-jones; 5782-maggie-caldwell
Downloads: 13
[texts]"How I Engineered the Freight Train Dragster" by Steve Perry
A presentation by Steve Perry at GSL XXIII on the engineering and building of the 1/25th scale Freight Train dragster replica.
Keywords: model cars; GSL
Downloads: 311
[texts]"How to Build Championship Scale Vehicles" - Mark S. Gustavson and Robert A. Wick
A book detailing the the planning and construction of contest winning scale models.
Keywords: model cars; GSL
Downloads: 181
[texts]"How to Get Your Ex Back" - Ex Back Experts System PDF-Book Review: Does it Work or Just a Scam? - Ex Back Expert: Dean Cortez
There are literally thousands of couples across the world who have broken up with their perfect partners (for them) due to very simple misunderstandings. It's sad to think that many of these break-ups could have been completely avoided if each person just had a clearer understanding of what their partner was thinking and what they wanted from the relationship.  Unfortunately, because men and women are biologically so different to each other, there are specific things we each do that can easily ...
Keywords: How To Get Your Ex Back; Ex Back Experts System PDF; Ex Back Experts System Book; Ex Back Experts System Download; Ex Back Experts System Review; Ex Back Experts System Opinion; Ex Back Experts System Experience; Ex Back Experts System Scam?; Ex Back Experts System Legit?; Ex Back Experts System Does It Work?
Downloads: 7
[texts]"Humour: An analysis" - John Watson (1850-1907), seud. Ian Maclaren.
Edición facsimilar corregida de John Watson (1850-1907), seud. Ian Maclaren, "Humour: An analysis" en Books and bookmen and other essays (1912).
Keywords: adelyc; libros de baubo; baubo; risa; humor; elyc
Downloads: 124
[texts]#4 Helping Hands Comic - Rebuilding in New Orleans - Tim Frentz
The Helping Hands Network travels from Northern Minnesota along the rivers to New Orleans and over to Texas, assisting Causes in need along the way. Check out the adventures of the networks founder, new age American Yogi, T. You can subscribe to all past and future issues by emailing tfrentz@hotmail.com
Keywords: New age; yogi; guru; helping hands; network; charity; foundation; non profit; philanthropy
Downloads: 1
[texts]' How To Make And Use Argument Maps' (Edgar Hartel) - Edgar Hartel
To open/download this PDF e-book,click the blue 'PDF' link to the left.------------------------------------------------------Subject: How argument mapping can make discussions better (and shorter). Why different perceptions of reality can cause disagreement, and how diagrams can make people aware of this.Target audience: Everyone interested. No special knowledge required.Estimated reading time: 20-25 minutesPage layout: Allows easy reading without scrolling, even on very small screens.License: F...
Keywords: argument maps; arguments; discussions; ideal discussions; debates; transparency; reality perception; observations vs. interpretations; argument evaluation; multi-party argument evaluation; argument evaluation diagrams
Downloads: 28
[texts]'Human Skin' Lampshade and Nazi Shrunken Heads - Psyops Gone Wild
'Human Skin' Lampshade and Nazi Shrunken Heads - Psyops Gone Wild In this short installment - the propaganda hoaxes of lampshades and human soap. The Allied propaganda machine was grasping at anything Soviet think tanks could come up with to justify the massive costs of the war, in money and human life. To people of today it might seem pathetically childish or even comic, but really it is chilling...
Keywords: human skin; lampshades; soap; jewish soap; debunked; trials; poland; reality; GPR; forensic; study; Richard Krege; burial; rirual; bones; Evidence; Birkenau; Auschwitz; documentary; holocaust; revision; history; russia; russian propaganda; birkenau; germany; world war two; WW2; truth movement; NWO; carbon monoxide; gas wagons; concentration camps; jewish; prison; prison camps; concentration camps; gas chambers; crematoria; discussion; hoax; zyklon-B; revision; propaganda; revisionist; history; study; schools; education; information; holohoax; fraud; myths; films; six million; russia; KGB; death camps; bomb shelter; documentary; BBC; freedom; liberation; schindler's list; wiesel; coverup NAZI; hitler; investigation; I.G. Farben; Steven Spielberg; brainwashing; mind control; dogma; censorship; ban; knowledge; forbidden; Khazar; Khazarian; supremacy; Talmud; gematria; IRC report; Khazar Mafia; Magog; Scythians; Ashkenazi; thirteenth tribe; twelve tribes; torah; prophecy; government; radio; library; plays
Downloads: 473
[texts]( His) Story Of Paramahamsa - Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Story of Supreme Swan: "Paramahamsa"Based on discourses delivered to Anand Samajis worldwide by Paramahamsa Nithyananda 
Keywords: Paramahamsa; Swami; Nithyananda; Master; Saint; Paramahamsa Nithyananda
Downloads: 28
[texts](1942) Handbook on the British Army - Herbert Hillary Booker 2nd - Tujunga, California - 2009
The ultimate book on the equipment, insignia, medals, ribbons, uniforms, etc. of the British Army in the Second World War.
Keywords: Great Britain; United Kingdom; British Army; 1942; Second World War; World War Two; uniforms; insignia; equipment; ribbon bars; medals
Downloads: 1,036 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts](hi-res) WAY OUT: you were once big, but now you are small - Rob Currie, Rahul Dev, Mattias Darrow, kwk, David Corns, John Zahorian
The fifth issue of WAY OUT (high-resolution version), featuring: poetry from Rob Currie a comic from Rahul Dev drawings from Mattias Darrow prose from kwk drawings from David Corns photos from John Zahorian find out more about WAY OUT at lopsig.wordpress.com/welcome
Keywords: way out; zine; rob currie; small things; rahul dev; the first hamster in space; mattias darrow; pilgrims to the hidden land; scavenger priest; the electric wizard comes to wastes; kwk; 34; david corns; party people; john zahorian; welcome to washington
Downloads: 75
[texts](Hisn Almuslim) Fortress of the Muslim, Invocations from the Quran and Sunnah - (Hisn Almuslim) Fortress of the Muslim, Invocations from the Quran and Sunnah
(Hisn Almuslim) Fortress of the Muslim, Invocations from the Quran and Sunnah
Keywords: (Hisn Almuslim) Fortress of the Muslim; Invocations from the Quran and Sunnah
Downloads: 326
Keywords: uhghg
Downloads: 208
Keywords: 02han2012
Downloads: 159
[texts]071411 Hidalgo HCWID3 Pump Station Shooting Police Report
Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/424510-071411-hidalgo-hcwid3-pump-station-shooting.html
Keywords: documentcloud; monitornews; 3082-dave-hendricks
Downloads: 7
[texts]083112 House invoice (13464396221863)_.pdf - FCC
Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/422356-collect-files-73910-political-file-2012-non.html
Keywords: documentcloud; propublica; 5290-jeremy-merrill
Downloads: 12
[texts]083112 House invoice 2 (13464396200585)_.pdf - FCC
Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/422357-collect-files-73910-political-file-2012-non.html
Keywords: documentcloud; propublica; 5290-jeremy-merrill
Downloads: 17
[texts]091012 House Majority contract (13473081212109)_.pdf - FCC
Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/427541-collect-files-73910-political-file-2012-non.html
Keywords: documentcloud; propublica; 5290-jeremy-merrill
Downloads: 4
[texts]091012 House Majority contract 2 (13473081201708)_.pdf - FCC
Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/427542-collect-files-73910-political-file-2012-non.html
Keywords: documentcloud; propublica; 5290-jeremy-merrill
Downloads: 5
[texts]1. Human IJHRM EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT T. S Prasanna
Employee engagement is one of the latest terminologies that have gained enough attention from business organisations in the process of implementing new employee productivity strategies. Its popularity has caught up so fast that even in the absence of a universal definition and concrete conceptualisation; business houses have begun framing strategies to induce employee engagement. The first step in the development of any concept is a definition and a common language that situates the concept acro...
Keywords: Commitment; Employee Engagement; Job Involvement; Job Satisfaction; Organisational Citizenship Behaviour
Downloads: 1
[texts]1. Humanites IJHSS Evaluation Of Precipitation Enhancement Valli Manickam
Precipitation enhancement experiments were carried out in 12 districts of Andhra Pradesh for a period of five years. The experiments involved primarily treatment of warm clouds in the monsoon season with hygroscopic cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) to enhance precipitation in the region. The cloud condensation nuclei used was calcium chloride in the particle size range of 1.0 microns to 10 microns. Radar data and ground truth were used to evaluate the impact of inducing the cloud condensation nuc...
Keywords: Index of Coalescence Activity; Hygroscopic Seeding; Cloud Condensation Nuclei; Impact Coefficient
[texts]1. Humanites IJHSS RELIGIOUS PLURALISM AND SUSTAINABLE Onah Nkechchinyere Nigeria
Nigeria as a nation is passing through developmental crisis. Contemporary events in the country seem to suggest that religious pluralism appears to be the greatest challenge to sustainable development and unity of the nation. Nigeria’s religious diversity is evidenced in the three main religions; African Traditional Religion, Christianity and Islam, which are widely practiced in the country. These religions dominate the daily lives of their practitioners and because their adherence tends to be...
Keywords: Nigeria; Religion; Religious Pluralism; Sustainable Development
[texts]1. Humanities A Paradise V. Swarnalatha - V. SWARNALATHA
This paper discusses Chinua Achebe’s attempt to confront the historical and spiritual roots of Africa's crisis.                   The author, one of Africa's greatest intellectual giants was consistent in courageously criticizing the misrule on the continent for decades, stances which put his life at risk and forced him to flee his native country. His great disappointment manifests itself in his last and latest book “There was a Country-A personal History of Biafra”...
Keywords: Chronicle; Pre-Independence; Post-Independence; Colonialism; Exploitation; Protest; Resolve; Solution
Downloads: 18
[texts]1. Humanities Anthropological J A H Khatri - J A H Khatri & Lucinda Laishram
Proverbs are the specified speech genres, which play an important role in the cultural system of the given community. People exhibit their linguistic proficiency and the eco-cultural knowledge by using appropriate proverbs whenever the need be. Present paper tries to investigate the cultural embedded-ness of the proverbs from Manipur, a small state in North-East India. Various aspects of the Manipuri culture have been represented through the handful of proverbs...
Keywords: Proverbs; Anthropological Linguistic; Manipur (i); Encoding
Downloads: 23
[texts]1. Humanities Depiction Of Islamic Revolution Priya Raj Sharma - PRIYA RAJ SHARMA & AJU ARAVIND
The Islamic Revolution of 1979 has occupied a prominent place in the history of Iran. Needless to say, it not only left an indelible mark on the culture but also on the societal structure of Iran. The Revolution, in general, is viewed as a mass movement, which gained enormity due to conscious efforts of the working class and the clergy in opposition of the monarchial state under Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi...
Keywords: Iran; Popular Culture; Graphic Novels; Persepolis
Downloads: 4
[texts]1. Humanities Exquisiteness Dr. Richa - RICHA
In a patriarchal male-dominated society it is usually the man who exercises all power and it is under his guidance and directions that a woman is expected to act and follow. But today’s modern women as described by Shobha De in her novels, are well aware of the fact that it’s a man’s world and he is more powerful because he is mater since a long time. But they also knew that this powerful creature (man) has also a weakness and that is woman...
Keywords: Economic Dependence; Exquisiteness; Patriarchy
Downloads: 9
[texts]1. Humanities IJHSS Representation Of Muslim Priya Raj Sharma
The women’s movement of the 1960s saw the importance of the “images of women” shown in literature. Women fiction writers globally depicted the multiple issues such as “gender inequality”, “patriarchy” and “sexual objectification”. Besides emancipating women from the age-old shackles of society these writers strove to subvert the stereotypical roles and images of women. In this backdrop the paper aims to study the images of Muslim women framed by Islamic socio-cultural practices...
Keywords: Gender Inequality; Patriarchy; Sexual Objectification
Downloads: 13
[texts]1. Humanities IJHSS Skinput Bhagya Parekh
Skinput is a technology which uses the surface of the skin as an input device. Our skin produces natural and distinct mechanical vibrations when tapped at different places. Vibration sensors such as Piezo Film Elements are employed to detect these mechanical vibrations. When augmented with a pico-projector the device produces a graphical user interface on our skin. This technology provides an always available and convenient input surface...
Keywords: Skinput; Bio-Acoustics; On-Body Interaction; Audio Interface; ATmega168
Downloads: 15
[texts]1. Humanities IJRHAL The Consciousness Of Siddaramu - Siddaramu B
The caste system has influenced all the areas like education, economy, politics, marriage, and religion. Since endogamy is the only characteristic that is peculiar to caste. People are not ready to compromise with endogamy.  There is a significant influence of caste from birth to death in the life. People are more influenced by Manusmriti than Indian constitution. Even today also Dalits are last to be employed in days of prosperity and the first to be fired in days of adversity...
Keywords: Caste; Dalits and the Democratic Revolution
Downloads: 12
[texts]1. Humanities Poe The Art Bertha Fernandes - BERTHA FERNANDES
Against the background of Poe’s several allegations of plagiarism against a host of his contemporaries, notably Hawthorne, and the resulting counter allegations broadly hinting at Poe’s own acts of plagiary, presumably to Poe’s great delight, this paper posits that Poe’s accusations were not an attempt to distract his readers from his own plagiary but rather a deliberate attempt to focus attention on it...
Keywords: Plagiary; Parody; Ligeia; Cryptograms
Downloads: 8
[texts]1. Humanities Portrayal Of White Women Characters In Harriet Dinesh Babu P - DINESH BABU P
An attempt is made in this paper to look at the portrayal of White women characters in Harriet A. Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Written by Herself (1861), Harriet E. Wilson’s Our Nig (1859) and Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin(1852). This study takes for analysis three White women characters each from the two Black women’s works namely, Mrs. Flint, Mrs. Bruce and Mrs...
Keywords: Slavery; Marginalization
Downloads: 1
[texts]1. Humanities Role Of Educational MRIDUSMITA KASHYAP - MRIDUSMITA KASHYAP
Educational planning is important as it can tackle those areas where immediate reform is needed. It can provide future educational infrastructure to those who are not yet in the coverage area of education. One such area before the educational planning is the child labourer education. Child labour is a threat for the nation and for the state. They are out of the scenario of universalization of primary education and fall under heavy dropout rates...
Keywords: Child Labour; Educational Planning; Universalization
Downloads: 15
[texts]1. Humanities Role Pawan K Shukla - Pawan K. Shukla & A. A. Ansari
Gujarat’s tourism industry is one of the most diverse products on the global scene. To develop and promote tourism as an ‘Engine of economic growth’ and to bring Gujarat on the national and international tourist map, tourism shall be considered as an important economic activity for overall sustainable economic growth & ensuring employment generation. As the State is growing rapidly in tourism sector, there is good chance for the development of employment generation opportunity...
Keywords: Tourism; Development; Employment; Eco-Tourism
Downloads: 13
[texts]1. Humanities THE ROLE OF SOCIO ECONOMIC BACKGROUND Igbo, Janet Ngozi - Igbo J. N, Okafor, Rita A & Eze, J. U
This study investigated the influence of socio-economic background on self-concept and academic achievement of senior secondary (SS) school II students in Aguata education zone of Anambra State Nigeria. Two research questions and two null hypotheses tested at 0.05 level of significance guided the study. Ex-post facto design was used for the study. A sample of 300 SSII students was randomly selected from ten co-educational secondary schools...
Keywords: Socio Economic Background; Self Concept; Academic Achievement; Family
Downloads: 3
[texts]10 - How the Evidence Becomes Proof - Jim Wallace
This article examines the evidence for God, and is part of the PleaseConvinceMe Academy curriculum found at www.PleaseConvinceMe.com
Keywords: Apologetics; Christianity; Evidence; Theism; PleaseConvinceMe
Downloads: 184
[texts]10. Humanities Exploring Gender Relations In The Context Neera Narang - Neera Narang
Gender is the most pervasive form of inequality that exists in the society today. This form of inequality is more prevalent in developing countries where both women and men have well defined roles to play in the society. Any deviation from those roles is strongly disapproved. If this gender discrimination is to be removed it can be only possible through education. When educational institutions will teach students to be gender sensitive, a significant change in the society can be expected...
Keywords: Gender Identity; Inequality; Perception; Interest Patterns; Peer Interaction
Downloads: 3
[texts]10. Humanities Indian Value Ayyagari Nageswara Rao - Ayyagari Nageswara Rao & Sripada Ramakrishna
The quintessence in the evolution of the human and humane is in the ability of its learning, observing and introspecting the ethics and values. Ethics and values denote something’s degree of importance with the aim of determining what action is the best to live or to do or at least attempt to describe the value of different actions.                 The fundamentals of living are being learnt on none other than through the acquisition of language, and the widely developed litera...
Keywords: Ethics and Values; Indian Values; Introspection and Development
Downloads: 10
[texts]10. Humanities Similarities In Indian And Jewish Tradition Udai Narain Sinha - UDAI NARAIN SINHA & REKHA SINHA
This is very important to note that the religious principles of Jews, Christians, and Muslims are in many a way equal to our own ancient religion. This is indicative of the expectation of indo-European race in olden times living unitedly. To go into the depth of what we noted above. We have put forward references in proving our arguments,  peeping into the depth to what we said in the paper. The founder of our Department of Ancient Indian history and Archaeology of Lucknow University was to his...
Keywords: Different Twisted Stories; Special Prayers at the Time; Ancient Belief
[texts]10. Humantits IJHSS Estimate The Gravity Model Of The Iraq
The model of gravity which is used in foreign trade by many Western researchers to estimate the impact of different economic policies on exports, in addition to its use in measuring the impact of preferential trade agreements, currency unions, and economic cartel's on the economies of countries of the Organization of such gatherings, with reference to a large group of economists Americans, Canadians and Mexicans used it after signing the Free Trade Agreement NAFTA North American countries to mea...
Keywords: Economics; Gravity; Foreign Trade; Economic Policies
Downloads: 1
[texts]10. Humaties IJHSS Integration Of Technology Fatemeh Alipandi
The aim of this study is to know about learning technology and technological education and the questions explain the effects of technology on education. This research also studies about technology’ impact on student learning. Technology integrates in teaching and teacher education.  The research is talking about this subject that technology has a very important rule in education and for technology integrations and improvements in education...
Keywords: The Aim; Technology; Integrates; Teaching and Education
[texts]102412 House Majority Pac Agreement form (13511117051606)_.pdf - FCC
Unofficial mirror of http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/485120-102412-house-majority-pac-agreement-form.html
Keywords: documentcloud; propublica; 5290-jeremy-merrill
Downloads: 5
[texts]10_Hints_For_The_Cake_Decorator_ - Bonley Products Company
10 "Hints" For The Cake Decorator; Bonley Products Company, 331 South Peoria Street, Chicago 7, Illinois. Copyright 1948, but never renewed. Dimensions are: 7" height by 3 1/2" width for folded document, eight panels; TIFF hi-resolution images are located in a 7Z file which has been uploaded. Digital copy created and uploaded by Gerard Arthus into the Public Domain under the Creative Commons License.
Keywords: garthus; garthus1; cake decoration; bomley products; chicago; illinois
Downloads: 104
Having coffee has become a culture of ureung Aceh (Acehnese People). The linkage between the coffee shop with a student is a student of an agent of change and one of the components that often move in the coffee shop. This study investigates the impact to the coffee shop for students and influence often look to the coffee shop to the GPA. To positively impact the frequency of activity in the Coffee showed that 52 percent of respondents said got a comfortable place to learn...
Keywords: Coffee Shop; GPA; College Students; On the Move
[texts]11. Humanities Biomedia's Convergence In Bioart Hyesook Jeon - HYESOOK JEON
This study examines what meaning biomedia used in bioart has in the context of media. First, we look at the terms that have been discussed in the art world during last 30 years, such as media, new media, media-specificity, post-media condition, and more, which have been used with the change of contemporary art media, and afterwards, we examinethe meaning of biomedia within these terms. The interdisciplinary, integrative feature of biomedia, which uses biological media, digital computer technolog...
Keywords: Bioart; Biomedia; Media Convergence; Post; Medium Condition; Moist Media
[texts]11. Humanities Group Dynamics In Collaborative Learning Nirupma Jaimini - Nirupma Jaimini
Learning contexts are transforming significantly and under the umbrella of constructivist strategies ‘collaborative learning’ is an increasingly practiced approach to learning. The collaborative learning, a group based approach to learning builds up on the premise that knowledge is a social construct hence, knowledge construction a social endeavor through group-based learning. The research studies on the mechanisms of collaborative learning bring out various cognitive,     social and emo...
Keywords: Behavioral Dimensions; Collaborative Learning; Group Dynamics
Downloads: 3
[texts]11. Humanities IJHSS Child Labour Geetu Pasricha
Tourism Industy has attained prestigious position owing to its rapid and spectacular growth over the last few decades and today it has been recognized as a significant factor in the economy of many nations especially in the developing countries like India. However ironically the rapid growth and development of tourism in the 21st century has produced both problems and opportunities and its impact has been seen as both positive as well as negative...
Keywords: Basics of Tourism; Child Labour; Tourism in India
Downloads: 2
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